Documents & Histories

Henri LeBlanc Birth Certificate

Ann Marie Bourque Birth Certificate

Gertrude Goguen Birth Certificate

Samuel Bourque Birth Certificate

Samuel Bourque and Euphemie Leger Marriage Certificate

Urbain Bourque and Luce Goguen Marriage Certificate

Hyppolite Bourque and Magdelaine Hebert Marriage Certificate

James Smith of Weymouth

Joseph Jenks the Colonist

Joseph Jenks Founder of Pawtucket RI

An Early Jenks Family Genealogy

Jesse Jenks Sr.

Jesse Jenks Jr.

Havrille Jenks

Towner Brown Jenks at Gettysburg

Mayflower Compact

John Howland's Will

Elizabeth Howland's Will

Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter 1629

Stafford Hill, Cheshire MA

The problem with oates.


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