Havrille Jenks

Wagon with team and driver

Havrille Jenks owned the original Jesse Jenks farm where he died on September 14, 1853 and was buried there in the family cemetery. He has a stone marker at the towns cemetery on West Mountain Road where his wife Electa Jones was buried.

In 1993 the town of Cheshire celebrated it's bicentennial and cleared some of the overgrowth at the old family cemetery. During one of my visits there I discovered several stones that had been buried for literally decades. One of these stones was that of Havrille Jenks who now has two visible marked graves in the town of Cheshire. Havrille's buried stone along with that of his uncle, Thomas Field, appear to be new from their protected decades.

Other stones still visible at this old cemetery are:

Alden son of Jabez and Cynthia Jenks died June 6, 1841 4 years.

Cynthia F. dau. of Jabez and Cynthia Jenks died May 27, 1842 3 years.

Mariah dau. of Jabez and Cynthia Jenks died May 30, 1847 26 years.

Thomas Field died July 8, 1858 66 years.

Mary wife of Thomas Field died October 27, 1850 60 years.

Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary Field died Nov. 5 1841 17 years.

Havrille Jenks died September 14, 1853 60 years.

Eunice, wife of Welcome Jenks died July 21, 1851 54 years.

Sophronia Ellison died September 4, 1846 44 years.

E. Phillips died 1841

Phalaice Werden died March 8, 1841 20 years.



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